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Do you want a better more fulfilling life?

Working towards a new career and a new life always poses certain challenges that we may not be prepared for.  Some of my clients have faced these challenges and conquered them.  They now understand where they are in life, where they would like to be, and how to achieve those goals.  Interestingly enough, they are now taking that journey.  Only this time, they are more courageous, confident, and more determined than they ever have been.  Their life journey is now more enjoyable because I have helped them to look forward in a better way.  Additionally, they are realizing the benefits from the work that they have already completed.

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I am sure most of us wants to reach our full potential and achieve all our goals. More often than not there is something holding us back. We may not know what it is let alone realise it.

Using a variety of techniques we are able to see what it is that holds you back and resolve it within minutes. The techniques used are ground breaking and can be used to cure phobias, to help gain confidence and self esteem, to achieve anything you want for your life, or maybe just to increase your salary.

One of the methods used to achieve quick and effective results is NLP. Click this link for more information. NLP


Other Life Coaching Details

Life coaching should not be confused with counseling or therapy.  Life coaching can be conducted on the phone or in person and is a practical, forward-looking way of gaining clarity in one’s life such as what you aren’t happy with and what you can do to fix it.  It is a support system that is extremely powerful and can keep you moving in the right direction.  It provides you with an external perspective of your life.

During our life coaching sessions, you’ll be asked some very powerful questions, the answers to which will allow you to gain some amazing insight into your thoughts and your world.  Your beliefs will be challenged and you will be freed from the self-imposed prison. Your life will begin to sparkle!

I provide you with a variety of coaching tools that will allow you to work through the roadblocks that the world has created which prevent you from achieving your goals.  As a professional life coach, you will see that I am highly experienced and fully trained, and can provide you with amazing benefits instantly.

How can You Benefit from Life Coaching?

The premise of Life Coaching is all about making you happier by changing those things in your life that make you sad, inclusive of those aspects mentioned above as well as others.  I normally coach individuals once a week by telephone for 45 minutes.  Some individuals only need one session while others may require 4 or 8.  There are others who stay with me for many months decreasing the frequency of the coaching sessions as their goals and progress become more evident.

During our telephone sessions, I will work with you to change problem statements into solution statements.  We will develop plans that will enable you to move towards your goals in life while maintaining your focus and positively motivating you in the right direction.  My professional coaching training allows me to quickly uncover the key issues we need to work on.  Additionally, we will discover those facets of your life that enable you to untie the knots, and enable you to make the progress you’ve dreamed about for so long.

During our sessions, you will be in control, but I will always be looking out for your best interests while I bring my personal passion and provide you with my professional skills in order to create the true person you deserve to be.

You can learn more about my life coaching sessions and why they work so well here.   If you prefer to ask me more questions, you can e-mail me or call me.

Despite the fact that life is never plain sailing, Life Coaching successfully works unlike anything else.  It will enable you to move towards a happier, more fulfilled life.

The time to start changing your life is NOW!  To start down the road to a better, more wonderful life, click here.

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