Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Life Coaching

Here at NLP 4 Living, we are continually being asked questions during our initial interview sessions.  The following is a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions that we encounter when discussing Life Coaching with potential clients:

1 – “How will I know if I can benefit from Life Coaching?”

The best recommendation that I can make is for you to contact me to discuss the features and benefits of our program and sessions.  Not only is it extremely affordable, there is no risk involved, and it’s a lot of fun.

2 – “Why can’t my friends provide me with this kind of support?”

This is the second most common question that we answer.  Here are several reasons in answer to it:

  • Life Coaches are professionally trained to help you in your search for a better, more meaningful life.  They are skilled at communicating, listening, motivating, specific questioning techniques, and so much more.  Additionally, these skills that your Life Coach possesses are focused on in order to enable you to free yourself and become the true person you want to be.  Conversely, your friends are not qualified or trained to help you in these matters.
  • You are paying me to help you over the period of time involved in the Life Coaching relationship that we develop.  There are never any hidden agendas or surprises either, nor will I become bored or disinterested in your problems and lose patience with you.  Chances are, your friends either cannot be that devoted to you and your issues, or most likely, they may become unreliable.
  • Friends have a difficult time being truthful with you in life coaching situations.  It’s common knowledge that they will shy away from being honest with you because they fear that they will hurt your feelings and anger you, resulting in the loss of that relationship with you.  Consequently, they will only tell you what they feel you need or want to hear.  Despite the fact that we strive to form beneficially sound relationships, we will never hold back and we will tell you exactly the way it is whenever necessary.
  • It’s sad to say this but whether you are aware of it or not, those friends around you may be part of the problem.  Everyone at some point in time faces a major change in their lives – and they are frightened by it.  Additionally, since some of your friends may be the reason behind you wanting to change positively, we also have the fear of others changing around us as well.
  • Here’s an example of what I am saying.  Haven’t you ever noticed that when you are trying to quit smoking, that these so-called friends of yours do not respect your wishes and continue to smoke in your presence or even continue offering you cigarettes? Unfortunately, your friends are oftentimes the greatest source of undermining your efforts and derailing your progress when you are trying to make positive changes in your life.
  • Typically, you and your friends come from the same geographic area and hail from similar backgrounds.  In many instances, they feel that changing their lives is impossible since they have resigned themselves to believing that this is the best their lives will ever be.  They consider being ambitious about changing to be arrogant and totally unreasonable.  One of the key areas that your Life Coach can help you with is the negativity and scepticism that your friends feel about Life Coaching and personal growth.  For them, the way they perceive the world to be is what creates a major problem for you.
  • Another reality is that you just cannot say certain things to them without harming the relationship.  Whether your friends may be the reason for you wanting to change or because they are just too private about personal issues, it is too difficult to talk to them.  Your Life Coach is not only a trained professional, he or she also remains detached so that you can discuss your issues confidentially and honestly.


3 – “Can’t I just read a book about Life Coaching in order to make positive changes in my life?”

Naturally you can do all the reading that you feel is necessary, and we highly recommend that you do that anyway in between your Life Coaching sessions.

4 – “What is the main difference between Life Coaching and counselling or some other type of therapy?”

Deep self-analysis and regressing to back into one’s childhood is not the underlying premise that Life Coaching was developed on.  Life Coaching focuses on both the present and the future so it looks forward and doesn’t regress like therapists have you do.  Not only is it a very down-to-earth concept, it is also very practical and can provide you with a more solid foundation for effecting positive changes in your life in the areas mentioned above.

5 – “Are there certain conditions or problems where Life Coaching might not be effective?”

Absolutely.  Life Coaching is never recommended for any of the following:

  • drug addiction
  • mental illness
  • serious medical conditions or problems

In addition to this, your Life Coach is not an expert in the following areas either:

  • business management
  • financial issues
  • laws and legal issues
  • relationship counselling

However, your Life Coach can assist you in seeking out the professional advice and help that you may need.

6 – “What is the cost of your Life Coaching services?”

Contact me for a list of my Life Coaching services and their fees but I typically charge £40 per hour.

7 – “Are there certain geographical areas that your Life Coaching sessions serve or do not serve?”

Since most of my Life Coaching sessions are conducted by telephone, the entire planet is our area to teach and serve.  Where telephone calls become too great of an expense for our clients, VoIP calling via the internet is available.  We always have numerous alternatives for you, so where you live is not really an issue.

8 – “How many of your Life Coaching sessions are recommended or required in order to help the client?”

As no two individuals and their life issues are never alike, there is no hard and fast rule about this.  Additionally, we will never guarantee how many sessions will be necessary based on these differences.  Past experience has witnessed an average of 3 to 5 sessions with my clients.  Usually, that time frame provides me with a means to discover the person’s problems as well as define and develop goals that are attainable, believable, clear, and exciting.  My strategies will be customised to you so that you can get back on track to a better life during these Life Coaching sessions.

We also dive into and explore your brain and mental space, so to speak, in order to help you discover:

  • Beliefs that may be hidden under the surface
  • Fears with life issues that may be hindering your progress
  • Other reasons that you become trapped by in your life’s experiences

By doing this, you will be able to move forward on your own.  Many of my clients have stuck with me for months, but usually begin decreasing the frequency of my Life Coaching sessions as they progress towards their goals.  This enables you to maintain an access to solving problems that may arise while going through Life Coaching, as well as allowing you to maintain your energy and focus at the same time.  So in this sense, it becomes very cost-effective in the long run.

9 – “Do you provide Life Coaching sessions outside of the UK?”

I have helped individuals worldwide by either conducting telephone sessions or by using Skype, the internet VoIP service.  The benefit to you is that the calls are free and extremely effective as well.  So I am only an internet or telephone call away should you want to ask me any questions and discuss your issues with me.

“I don’t see an answer to my question listed above.  What do I do?”

Why not book an initial consultation call with me so we can talk about it.  Click here in order to do that.

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