NLP – Losing Weight Effectively

When we talk about weight loss we must first look at what it is we are doing that has us gain weight. Well it’s actually quite simple isn’t it. We are eating. So why are we eating? Anchors give us direct access to a feeling via some sort of trigger. The feeling may be trapped within a memory from years ago. Now one of my favourite anchors to a feeling of happiness is looking at the stars because I spent so much time doing so in Australia. An instant anchor to happiness. Now if you imagine we spent the first few years of our lives feeling hungry and then feeling upset until we were fed. Instant happiness. This is one of the first anchors we produced. This anchor was then built on again and again through our lives. Eating makes us happy as it takes away our hunger, increases our sugar levels, and gives us a feeling of general well being.

NLP gives us access to this powerful anchor and can identify what specific elements of this anchor causes us to over eat. We can also build anchors to stack against this almost permanent anchor in order to help us lose weight.

Using various other weight loss techniques we are able to easily set goals and achieve them effectively.


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